Do You Remember


I cannot pretend these tears were not here
It still hurts to see
That you don’t care you don’t share

When the time is right I think that you’ll be
A better man then
A better plan better stand

Your eyes don’t tell what you’re thinking inside
You’re holding these lies
Run faster and faster then

Words unspoken words unsaid  my mind
Goes simply just blind
So why don’t you go behind

Do you remember the times when
Do you remember the looks we shared don’t you care
Can’t you see I am still trying
Can’t you see can’t you breathe
Can’t you feel like you once used to do
Can’t you feel like you once used to do

It just doesn’t yet matter to you
What you pulled me through
Forgotten and buried now

You closed the door and threw away all the keys
These wounds might still bleed
Where is all the honesty


You’re so dead inside
Help me find my life
How can you be
So broken so desperate and mean

The clock on the wall
Turns back and then falls
Down on the earth
Still standing tall you’ll never fall

All the nasty things
That you said to me
All the misery and
All that you did to me

How could you forget?


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Garten- und Landschaftsbau Kiene

What We Always Wanted – unser neues Video ist jetzt online

Unser Dank gilt Vivien, Maria und Tim, die das ganze mit ihrer Unterstützung möglich gemacht haben.


Listen up you people would you
Like to tell us what you see here
Okay we know we are neither young nor sexy it’s a maze
We’re turning grey and chubby
And we’re a little out of shape but
We believe we still got what it takes that’s heart and faith
We know we’ll  never be restrained
Since we got fun to play this game
We always wanted to be heard
Always wanted to be seen
Always wanted to be queens and kings for one day
We always wanted to be cool
Never wanted to be smooth
Always wanted just the best no time to rest
Since so many years passed by and
We are still dreaming our dream
It’s useless but it keeps us from being suicidal
We can’t keep up with you but
We don’t care cause we know we suck
We confine ourselves to have the best of all times
Please forget the creams and lotions
All that counts are pure emotions
So if you’re same as us you are very truly welcome
Since our backs are feeling  tightly
And cause we’re facing our thirdlies
We can even scream a louder smiling “CHEESE” at you
Tell the truth what you mean
You want models who are lean?
Then buy a fucking Playboy magazine
We are who we are no lies
We don’t want no alibis
So let’s walk along side by side
And still we……