Neues Video: Bad News



Are you sure that you are sitting 
What I tell you might be shocking
I am thinking that I have tell you right now

I am aware of the consequences
I’m really trying to mend it
Please sit down and take your time and breathe in you know how

I can’t speak my mouth is dry
I can’t see though I’ve got eyes
The words don’t really come my way 
what’s to say

I got some bad news I got some bad news
Sorry I got to tell you Really feel I need to
I don’t really blame you Tell you what’s been going on
Sorry I got to bother you Since you came around
I got some bad bad news

The world won’t go under I promise but I
Still wonder how I can tell you since I
Don’t know how you might react and I hate this

Would you sit down now and please don’t fight it
You’re making me nervous and I don’t need that
It’s hard enough and you’re making it even harder

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