Christmas Time


Springtime is nice and when the flowers bloom
It all feels so right especially in warm June
In summertime it’s hot you sweat until you drop
You can jump into a pool and swim until it’s cool

In autumn all the leaves that fall from every tree
The colors turn to red and brown that’s all you see
Our favorite time of year is winter that is clear
Cause Christmas is coming near

Fir trees and candles and all the candy
Santa Clause who comes down the chimney
Singing and laughing there’s no escape
Now it’s Christmas time

Reindeers and horses you see everywhere
A meal with five courses is fun and who cares
Nice cooking smells and bright Christmas bells
The family you meet the people that you greet

The cookies that you eat conversations you lead
Belong to this time and everything’s fine
And which time I mean you learn now from me
Yes, Christmas is coming near