life goes on


This morning woke up late I think this must be fate
The second time this week my boss will not be happy
Told me already I was lazy and asked me why
I can’t take things serious I wanna break out of here

And I told him life goes on
On and on
Sometimes I wonder why
Life’s only one big lie

It’s such a waste of time working from 9 to 5
Your time is running out while you’re sorting files out
Sunday’s the only day where you can live your way
So many things to do and then you catch a flu


And when you’re 65 then you can start your life
Sweet freedom lies ahead you don’t know where to start it
But when you’re ready to take off and make things up
You better stay and sit with your artificial hip


So what are you working for?
The money’s all you’re getting
Your life is wasted though
You’re on the run
But what you really need
Is not what you are getting
The time is gone gone gone

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